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    A Podcast by photographers, ChaseTheGram bring you
    everything you need to know
    about the best on the Gram!

    New Podcast Every Two weeks!
    Season 1: Toronto,
    10 MINS
    July 26, 2017
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About Us


Tudor Stanescu

Host / Interviewer

Residing in Toronto, Canada, Tudor Stanescu immersed himself into the world of Instagram at the beginning of 2016, then later taking a more serious approach in September 2016, officially giving birth to the photographer known today as legionxstudios.

The creation of ChaseTheGram came from a simple idea. A feature account on Instagram, that would become the go-to source for visual inspiration.

Then the idea developed into creating a community where professional photographers from Instagram could better interact with their fans. ChaseTheGram would give them a platform to share their stories with the world, through an interview style photography podcasts and interview articles, in the hopes of bringing creators and fans closer together.


What is ChaseTheGram?

ChaseTheGram is a photography podcast for photographers, by photographers, covering Instagram Influencers which specialize in all different areas of photography. Areas which will be covered will include film, street, landscape, portrait, fine art photography, and more.

Our goal is to become the best interview style photography podcast.

We are also an Instagram feature account that features artists which we think our audience would find visually inspiring, and help them become better photographers. 

What is the best podcast app to listen to ChaseTheGram with?

ChaseTheGram, like many other podcasts, will be available through all of your favourite podcast platforms like iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, SoundCloud, and more. We will also publish a video version of the podcast on YouTube, so make sure to subscribe to our channel, as we will be releasing exclusive content on there. 

ChaseTheGram will always be free to listen to, and we will never charge listeners for it. The project is self-funded by the host, Tudor Stanescu, and will likely add sponsors in the future, to cover the costs. 

How to get involved with ChaseTheGram?

If you are a photography influencer on Instagram and would like to be interviewed and featured on our show, head over to our “get interviewed” page to apply for an upcoming episode. Please take a moment to read through the details on this page before applying to make sure you qualify and provide us with the right information.

We also appreciate any and all donations which help fund running the show. If you would like to become a patron of the show, visit our donations link here.

Are there any other ways we can get involved with the ChaseTheGram?

If you would like to join the ChaseTheGram team in any capacity such as moderating our social media pages, helping with the production of the show, drop us a few lines on our contact page letting us know what you would like to be involved with and why should we choose you.

We will be creating an internship program in the future, so keep your eyes out for something more formal in the coming months.

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