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About Us


Tudor Stanescu


Residing in Toronto, Canada, Tudor Stanescu immersed himself into the world of Instagram at the beginning of 2016, then later taking a more serious approach in September 2016, officially taking birth to the photographer known today as legionxstudios.

ChaseTheGram is his passion projected that spawned from an idea, an idea so infectious that he had to act on it. Creating ChaseTheGram at first was a simple idea of a feature account on Instagram to become a go to visiual inspiration for like minded creatives. Then the idea developed into creating a closer community of professional photographers from Instagram, and to tell their unique stories to the world through podcasts and interview articles, in the hopes of bringing creators and fans closer together.

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In order to keep this show going for the indefinite future we appreciate any donations our valued fans are able to give. And don’t worry, our donors can expect exclusive content, giveaways and much more!

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